Wang Ramen

So get your taste of soupy ramen deliciousness with WANG Ramen.


Authentic Korean Style Instant Noodles


The Best Bowl of Soupy and Spicy, Ramen Noodles You’ll Ever Taste! Available in both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian options. WANG Ramen is delicious any time of the day. It’s Popular, It’s Tasty, It’s Authentic. The perfect comfort food for any mood or occasion. And it has successfully cut across cultural boundaries to be a hot favorite. So get your taste of soupy ramen deliciousness with WANG Ramen now!

Straight from the aroma filled kitchens of South Korea

BTN Insulo India Pvt. Ltd, brings WANG Ramen

Authentic Korean Style Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Ramen Noodles to your table.

Created especially for the Indian palate, each bowl of WANG Ramen Korean Style Instant Noodles is the perfect blend of mouth-watering spicy flavors that promise to stir your taste

India korea

Perfect as a Snack or as a Whole Meal

Looking for the perfect snack for those in-between meal hunger pangs? Or do you want a quick easy-to-make dinner that is tasty, wholesome, and healthy?

Try WANG Ramen!

It is light enough as an in-between meal snack. You can also eat WANG Ramen as a complete dinner meal. Simply add your favorite veggies, eggs, or any other ramen toppings of your choice and your wholesome tasty dinner is ready.


1st Make in India

Authentic Korean Ramen introduce by

BTN Insulo India Pvt Ltd

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