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BTN- Insulo India Pvt Ltd Brings WANG Ramen to Indian Shores!

WANG Ramen, the popular authentic Korean Style instant spicy vegetarian soupy ramen, is now available in India. Bought to Indian shores by BTN-Insulo Indian Pvt. Ltd. – a South Korea based company with offices in Seoul, South Korea and Delhi, India.

BTN-Insulo India is a premier name when it comes to pioneering robust and mutually beneficial bilateral ties between South Korea and India. And as such, we at BTN-Insulo India have been offering companies across both nations with comprehensive business consultancy services. In addition we also provide companies with a strong foundation for import, export, manufacturing, and distribution of food products.

Are you interested in exploring the Indian market? Or do you want to know more about the kind of market that is available for Indian products and services? If yes, then visit us BTN-Insulo India Pvt. Ltd.